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Questions To Ask Your Injector

Jun 07, 2021
Questions To Ask Your Injector
Questions for your injector- because you don’t know what you don’t know…

Questions for your injector- because you don’t know what you don’t know…

A good rule of thumb is before allowing someone to inject you is to find out a bit about the injector- remember this is your face and your money. Some questions to ask:

Who is your medical director?

Where and what type of training/certifications do you have?

How often do you have trainings?

Where do you order your products from?

What is your protocol in case of an adverse event?

Hello! My name is Chandra, and I’m the Nurse Injector at Advanced Specialty Associates. I was drawn to becoming an injector after working with Dr. Waters for years and seeing a need for patients to have the ability to see a provider on short notice. Because Dr. Waters is double board certified in ENT and Facial Plastics, he is often booked out for over a month at a time.

My training included an apprenticeship with Dr. Waters for approximately one year as well as numerous hands on and virtual trainings with top injectors in the country. Our product reps were also a great resource and assisted in setting up many of these trainings.

Dr. Waters, as my medical director, is a double board certified physician. Why is this important? Because of his expertise in facial anatomy, we are able to address any questions or concerns and know where we can safely place product.

We always get our products directly from the company via local reps. This is important in terms of safety and efficacy. We also carry many different products to serve patient. This allows us to personalize your treatment.

Bottom line, know who is injecting you. Don’t go for the Groupon! Go to the experts!