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Ear Reconstruction

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Ear Reconstruction

Ear Reconstruction services offered in Baxter and Mendota Heights, MN

Whether present at birth or from trauma, ear reconstruction surgery fixes ear abnormalities by changing the shape, position, or size of the ear. The otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery team at Advanced Specialty Associates in  Baxter, Minnesota, performs ear reconstruction procedures for patients of all ages. Call or schedule your ear reconstruction appointment online at the location nearest you today.

Ear Reconstruction Q&A

What is ear reconstruction?

Ear reconstruction refers to surgical procedures that repair or rebuild damaged, misshapen or missing ears. Ear reconstruction may also include hearing rehabilitation.


Advanced Specialty Associates is proud to assist their patients by offering ear surgeries that improve the shape, position, and proportion of their ear. Skilled surgeons reconstruct the ear to give you the most natural look, creating balance and symmetry throughout your face.

What are the types of ear reconstruction surgery?

Ear reconstruction is an umbrella term that includes various procedures that repair or rebuild the ear. Types of ear reconstruction surgery include:

Ear surgery

Ear surgery, also called otoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that focuses on improving the size, shape, or proportion of the outer ear. Ear pinning, for example, aims to align the outer ear so it angles closer to the skull.

Microtia repair

Microtia is the medical term for a tiny ear, an abnormality some people are born with. Microtia repair reconstructs the ear using cartilage from the ribs, improving size and shape. 

Ear defect repair

Ear defect repair is an ear reconstruction surgery that fixes ear damage from a traumatic injury or cancer.

Earlobe repair

Advanced Specialty Associates also performs earlobe repair procedures, fixing elongated or torn earlobes. 

What happens during ear reconstruction?

The Advanced Specialty Associates team customizes your ear reconstruction surgery based on your goals and reviews the details at your consultation. 


The team may perform your ear reconstruction using local or general anesthesia, depending on the complexity and length of your surgery. During the procedure, your surgeon at Advanced Specialty Associates may rebuild, repair, or reshape your ear. 


Your surgeon sends you to the recovery area after your procedure. In most cases, patients go home the same day. However, some patients may benefit from an overnight stay at the hospital for continued monitoring.

What can I expect during recovery from ear reconstruction surgery?

You can expect some pain and swelling following ear reconstruction surgery. The team provides specific at-home care instructions following your procedure to support the healing process.


Though you may notice improvements in the look of your ear right away, it takes up to three months for the ear to completely heal so you see the final results.


To find out more about ear reconstruction at Advanced Specialty Associates, call or schedule a consultation online today.