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You rely on your throat for communicating and eating. Any condition that affects the structure or function of your throat may make it hard for you to perform these vital functions. The highly skilled general ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physicians at Advanced Specialty Associates in Mendota Heights and Baxter, Minnesota, specialize in diagnosing and treating issues involving the throat. For expert care from the otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery team, call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.

Throat Q&A

What conditions affect the throat?

Your throat, also called the pharynx, is part of your respiratory and digestive system. It carries food to your stomach through the esophagus and air to your lungs through the larynx.


Many conditions affect the throat, including:


Types of cancers that start in the throat include nasopharyngeal cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, and hypopharyngeal cancer.


Dysphagia means difficulty swallowing. This disorder may occur from any number of causes, affecting your ability to eat.


Pharyngitis is an inflammation in the throat and may occur from an infection or overuse.


Laryngitis is inflammation of the larynx. 


Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils, usually from an infection. Enlarged tonsils may affect breathing and swallowing.

Voice changes

Your voice box is located in your throat. Any changes in the sound or pitch of your voice may indicate problems with your voice box, such as vocal cord paralysis or vocal cord lesions.

When do I need to see an ENT physician for my throat?

Advanced Specialty Associates are experts at diagnosing and treating diseases of the throat, larynx, and upper part of the esophagus. If you have throat pain, difficulty swallowing, or voice changes, you need to see the general ENT experts at Advanced Specialty Associates. You can also rest easy, knowing that the team includes double board-certified otolaryngologists.


Proper evaluation and examination are crucial when it comes to treating throat disorders. When you come in for an evaluation, your provider spends time talking to you about your symptoms and concerns. 


They evaluate your ear, nose, and throat and may run diagnostic tests, such as an endoscopy or a laryngoscopy to closely examine your throat and look for signs of disease. They may also perform a pH probe study to look for acid reflux, which may cause laryngitis. 

What are ENT treatments for the throat?

The Advanced Specialty Associates team creates individualized treatment plans for throat conditions based on diagnosis, symptoms, and goals. Some of the treatments include:


  • Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
  • Vocal cord injections
  • Dilation of subglottic stenosis
  • Excision of vocal cord lesions


The team talks to you about your diagnosis and treatment options, and together, you decide how you want to proceed. 


For expert treatment of your throat disorder, call Advanced Specialty Associates or schedule an appointment online today.